My Story, My Purpose

Who am I?

This year it will be almost 4 years since my "pause for mental clarity" event (others call it a midlife crisis). Here are the highlights: 


1) Had a mid-life crisis - felt stuck and suffocated in my perfect little suburban cul-de-sac life.

2) Lost my marbles, gave away all my stuff and bought a farm (well correction, I bought a really really old ranch house on a piece of land and am currently building said farm). 

3) Collected as many farm animals as humanly possible in a 2 year time period and became a farmer in my spare time. 

4) Began exploring a balanced, intentional and servant-like life and have watched its positive impact on my world unfold.

5) Now I share this newfound wisdom, the lessons that I uncover, and all the struggles that follow with you all. You're welcome. Let me do the dirty work for you (cleaning chicken coops is no joke - ew, gross).

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